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10th April 2014

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Meet the lovely Hohenheim <3 She’s going to be breeding this season :) See more of her at The Harlequin Hoard and The Gecko Alchemist

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20th March 2014

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Meet Blue Steel - he&#8217;s a funky new male that I&#8217;ve added to the collection over at The Harlequin Hoard :) I think he may be a genetic chimera/paradox, thoughts? :)

Meet Blue Steel - he’s a funky new male that I’ve added to the collection over at The Harlequin Hoard :) I think he may be a genetic chimera/paradox, thoughts? :)

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22nd February 2014

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Minot PD claims that the bite marks pierced the gloves the officer was wearing, but as someone who has handled a fox with mere welder’s gloves, I fail to see how he bit through the gloves. Not only that, but the officer was way out of line. There was no proof to the bite other than a picture submitted which could have been easily ripped off google, yet the police department acted on it without question. As far as the zoning violations, Tara was told by the mayor of Minot that it would be fine to own Vader so long as she kept him on the property, which she complied with. Tara stood up for the welfare of animals on the blogging site tumblr, but received overzealous, anonymous hatred for it that resulted in her personal pet being destroyed. Vader was a ranch fox, classified as a category 1 non-traditional livestock by North Dakota and are considered “generally domestic” - the same as common pets as ferrets and chinchillas, yet you do not see law enforcement or the Minot PD forcing their way into the homes of people who have chinchillas every time it bites (which chinchillas have been documented to contract rabies and are seldom vaccinated).

Tara purchased Vader from a USDA licensed breeder who provides an interstate certificate of health required to cross state lines in the United States.

Even if there had been zoning violations in place, Minot PD had no right to force themselves into a home based on an anonymously sent picture without any amount of fact-checking done. Vader was a wonderful example of a ranched fox, who wagged his tail and greeted the officer at the door who grabbed him by the neck despite being instructed, repeatedly, by those caring for him, not to. During the short time Vader was in custody of Animal Control, he was reported to wag his tail at the staff.

Vader’s death was the result of gross misuse of authority to violate the privacy and autonomy of a couple who privately owned a well-behaved animal that seldom left the property. Vader was an innocent animal who posed absolutely no risk to anyone, yet was killed, and law enforcement simply shrugs their shoulders and minimizes their errors in this matter as being excusable because of an anonymous picture that was never followed up on and a zoning violation.

A commenter on the Justice for Vader petition

Fucking spread this. Now.

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10th February 2014

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Avalon :) Dark Pinstripe female

Avalon :) Dark Pinstripe female

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6th February 2014

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6th February 2014

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Claire&#8217;s 2013 offspring :)

Claire’s 2013 offspring :)

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12th January 2014

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12th January 2014

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this. this was the best bit of the whole episode. goddamn andrew scott. goddamn.

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8th January 2014

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awee yissss

29th December 2013

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I just got this guy/gal today. I won’t say who/where I got it from but what I can say is that it was once healthy but denied food or water until it got like this.

I do not have high hopes of recovery, it won’t eat on its own and can barely lift its head.

I’m currently assist/force feeding CGD and tomorrow I’ll get some yogurt with live cultures to mix in.

I soaked the little one already and I’m keeping it humid for the time being. Got a hospital tank set up.

A vet trip isn’t possible at the moment… Frankly I don’t think the little one will last that long but I’m thinking of setting up a gofundme soon.

That animal’s eyes look sunken in, and it’s body looks very stiff.
I personally would not waste your money visiting a vet as in my experience when miscare goes this far, it’s gone TOO far. This gecko is on death’s door and there is no turning back when it is in this condition.

I’m very sorry that you had to take on such a thing, and I am so very sorry for that poor life that has suffered so. :/

Poor thing :( I would suggest a pedialyte soak ( with a weak animal be VERY careful that it’s not inhaling water with a soak ) and to be very careful with the assisted cgd feeding. Giving too much food to a starving animal at once can result in it regurgitating and that’s the opposite of what you want. Small amounts of food offered gently, soak in pedialyte, and keeping it warmer might be your best bet but he’s in pretty rough shape. Best of luck

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